$20.00 AUD
Per jaar
Pay As You Grow
Start with a basic $20 per year service fee, which includes 1 GB of Storage space, and then add as many WordPress websites, IMAP mailboxes and extra 1GB strorage slots as you need for $20/yr each with discounts for bulk orders.
$60.00 AUD

Per Hour Support
We can provide hourly support for WordPress design and development of simple personal through to complex business and e-commerce websites. We also provide support for Linux server and desktop systems using Manjaro or Kubuntu on your own hardware or one of our Virtual Private Servers.
$300.00 AUD
Per jaar
Managed VPS 1GB
1GB Memory
1TB Bandwidth
32GB Storage
$600.00 AUD
Per jaar
Managed VPS 4GB
4GB Memory
3TB Bandwidth
128GB Storage