Server Transition Underway

  • Wednesday, 29th May, 2019
  • 16:09pm

The transition to new servers is now under way.

The previous temporary WordPress site at has now been moved to on the new server system. The site is now our Nextcloud storage system but unfortunately the previous redirect that was in place for nearly 2 months may be cached in your web browser making it awkward to view the main website. If you land on the website with a light blue background then down the bottom is a link that says "Back to Spiderweb" so if you click that one you should get to the correct site.

If you are adventurous then clear your browsers cache for the domain and that will fix the incorrect redirect. Or, just give it a week or so and your browsers cache will expire naturally anyway.

We expect most websites will be migrated to the new servers by the 2nd of June and the mail migration will hopefully happen on the weekend starting 8th June.

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